Getting ready to launch

This is Alex speaking (“Hi Alex!”). After a long developing process I guess we’re going to launch an Alfa version.

Future features to be released:

  1. World map – we want a map selector from where you can have a better view about countries we’ve written¬†about
  2. As this website will grow up we’ll need to monetize things (if not for us, to have time to write/grow things/improve the website, at least for servers) and excepting Google Adsense we’ll make some e-books with our content (way more content about the subjects we’ve aborded) and in return of some donation you’ll get the full content the topic(s) you need.

We love the AdBlock too but in this case, our website will show only some banners from Google Adsense and no popups / sex related ads and you might help us by disabling the AdBlock when you view our website.


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