Philip II of Macedon

We do know that this personality has no connection to the modern Slavic Macedonians. The only reason it appears as a personality of this country is because of the various theories claiming that the ancient Macedonians were a different kind of tribe, that were eventually Hellenized by ancient Greeks.

In 359 BC, his brother dies and Philip II is named regent heir to the throne at the age of 24 years old. In the next 3 years, Philip II was noted for his ambition, determination and authority both in domestic politics and foreign ones. He also moved the kingdom’s capital from Aegae to Pella.

Philip II’s first military campaigns were directed against the Paeonians and the Illyrians; also he aimed for the gold field of mount Pangea in Thracia, where he founded the city of Philippi. His victorious campaigns were the result of a good prepared army because of mandatory recruitments imposed from a young age. Every region of Macedonia was contributing with three different types of units: cavalry, heavy and light infrantry. The force of the army was the result of the famous macedonian phalanx.

In august 338 BC, Athens and Thebes have allied and fought together against the Macedonians at Chaeronea but due to the strategic genius of Alexander, Philip II obtains the victory, which meant, essentially the end of Greek independence.

Philip II’s was assassinated at the wedding of his daughter, Cleopatra, by the captain of his guards, Pausanias in 336 BC. His former wife, Olympias was no stranger to this event. According to some opinions, she might have ordered his assassination. After Philip II’s death, his son, Alexander III of Macedon becomes the new king of the Macedonian Empire.

Other personalities

Discover some other popular persons who live / lived in Macedonia (FYROM).

Katarina Ivanovska

She began her modeling career in 2004, appearing at the Milan Fashion Week after winning the Look Models International model search in Macedonia. In December 2004, she appeared in a pictorial for Elle magazine and has also appeared in Citizen K, Stiletto and the Italian and Russian Vogue. She has been featured on the covers […]

Pero Antić

Currently plays for Fenerbahçe in the Turkish Basketball League (TBL). He was also a member and captain of the Macedonian national basketball team. Standing at 6 ft 11 in (2.11 m), he primarily plays the power forward position, although he can play at the center position. Antić’s best offensive attributes are his body strength, jump […]

Goran Pandev

Plays for Genoa as a forward. He is a key player for the Macedonian national team, being the country’s all-time top scorer with 26 goals. After establishing himself at Lazio, Pandev moved to Inter Milan in early 2010. While playing for the Nerazzurri, Pandev collected a host of honours including winning the 2009–10 Serie A, […]



He currently plays for FC Barcelona. He is also the captain of the Macedonia national handball team. Lazarov has been married to his wife Ljubica since June 2006. They have two children, a boy named Blagojče and a girl named Lana. His brother, Filip Lazarov is also a handball player for the national team. Kiril […]

Nikola Gruevski

He is the leader of the VMRO-DPMNE party since May 2003 and was prime-minister of the Republic of Macedonia from 27 August 2006 to 18 January 2016. He also was Minister of Finance in the VMRO-DPMNE government led by LjubčoGeorgievski until September 2002. Under LjubčoGeorgievski’s government, the Macedonian telephone company was sold to a hungaryan […]


GjorčePetrov was the representative of the Foreign Committee of the BMARC/IMARO in Sofia in 1897-1901. He did not approve of the ultimately outbreak of the Uprising on Ilinden, which happened on the 2nd of August 1903, but he participated by leading a squad. After the unsuccessful uprising, Petrov continued his participation in the IMARO. The […]

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